Here's a tale of two guys I care for very much and have a huge amount of respect for and two guys who are struggling through very different but equally tough times.

As I said a few posts below Ernest has just suffered a massive stroke. Thankfully he has an amazing family around him who are taking excellent care of him. As an outsider looking in it's a real privilege to see just how well loved Ernest is. My family circle consists of Paula, my fantastic sons and my brother. Ernest had 40, yes 40 members of family by his bed the afternoon after his stroke!

He's back home now and being the fighter that he is he's slowly picking up, though his speech has regressed and it's hard to understand him which obviously frustrates him. Despite this I was very moved when he asked how Paula and my boys were this morning.

Please keep Ernest in your prayers.

Micheal's life seems to be a real rollercaoster at present but if truth be told he's never recovered from the loss of Hayden in April last year. Read more about this saga here. It's not my place to go into detail here but I would ask that you also keep Micheal in your prayers. He's a great friend to me and the whole family and he's a very dependable character and we value him a great deal. He's also an excellent gardener!

I love the photo above in which Ernest and Micheal met, they also got on really well which made for a cracking morning. It was a real privilege to be able to introduce them to each other and a real thrill for me to see guys who I've had the privilege of spending time with growing in their faith.


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