Hopefully many of you will have received our November update by email. If you haven't had it and would like to receive our monthly updates and quarterly prayerletters let us know and we'll add you to the list.

Now that we're (almost) no longer Crosslinks mission partners we're taking control of our monthly updates and prayerletters and we want to distribute these by email as much as possible. In fact we will no longer be sending the monthly updates by snail mail, apologies if this impacts you. If you have been receiving our news via snail mail but you have an email address please let us know as it's so much easier (and cheaper) to email them. If you're old fashioned like me and want a piece of paper in your hand then it's easy to print.

It feels good to have spent what feels like ages sifting through the mess of the various mailing lists etc we've inherited back. I think we've rationalised and organised everything appropriately but I guess time will tell. One thing we are excited about is that after a lot of work our email lists are fully up to date and as a result the potential readership of our updates has just doubled. Fantastic!

In time we also plan to publish links to our updates and prayerletters here on the blog but that's for later. For now we hope you'll enjoy receiving these updates, especially those of you who are new to our mailing list.

Meanwhile, should you wish to be removed from our mailings please let us know and we'll oblige as swiftly as we can. Equally, if you wish to be added either leave a comment or use the "Contact" tab at the top right side of the blog.


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