Girls Will Be Girls!

I had a very eagerly anticipated "girly" coffee morning with 4 special ladies at my house today - it was time to get my wonderful HOPE home based carers out of their community for a few hours to just spend time chatting, laughing, eating and reviewing the past year! Each lady is a special nugget of gold, they will definitely be taking their places at God's top table one day!! It was so good to enjoy some lovely food and to potter around the garden chatting about patients and friends and our lives.

We definitely don't get time to do this often enough and I really thank God for the constant encouragement that each one of these special friends adds to my life, despite the fact that often their own lives are beyond difficult!!

As we reviewed 2011 it was really fun to show the ladies the DVD that we had made over a year ago now to take on our mission education trip last November to January! We are filled with anticipation for 2012 and the team is committed to moving onwards and upwards in loving and caring for their community. Please remember these ladies, Aunty Henna, Aunty Poppy, Lizbeth and Anne in your prayers and we are particularly asking God to move more powerfully amongst us in practical healing next year.

Please also pray for Elise in her own community who couldn't be with us today because she was busy with a World AIDS Day initiative, she really needs a partner to go around with her as she visits various patients, for safety and in order to increase her patient base. We believe God for this.

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  1. I love reading about your work! Please know that I keep you all in my daily prayers. God bless.


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