Another Year Gone

Not too sure what happened to the school year that was 2011 but it seems to have whizzed by. There is one week left but let's be honest, very little gets done in the last week. that will make up for the busyness of this week with awards ceremonies and school concerts, but it's been really good fun.

It's been a great year for the boys, not least for Eli who can now read and write. we're very proud of him for this achievement!

We had our concerns too at the outset of the year, particularly for Joel but he's coped admirably and had a really enjoyable year. We're really grateful for this massive answer to prayer as many of you may remember that one of our biggest prayer requests on our mission ed' trip last Christmas/New Year was for Joel's school year.

The feedback we've had from both boys' teachers has been very encouraging and we're really excited for them as they start in Year 2 for Eli and Year 4 for Joel in Jan. Both boys have excellent teachers lined up which is great to know. In fact one of the things that really excites us for the coming school year in January is the fact that just the other day we were discussing church planting with one of the teachers. Brilliant!

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