Testimony Sunday

"They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony" - Rev 12:1

This morning our gathering was given over to sharing testimonies of what God is doing amongst us and what an amazing morning we had!

As the weeks have gone by we have watched God at work in people's lives but to actually hear some of the accounts this morning was a privilege and truly humbling.

The fact that people felt so comfortable to be open with their family was awesome and the spontaneity with which people leapt up to pray and support their brother or sister in prayer when they had shared was exciting.

We heard some people speak publicly for the first time and others weeping and crying out to God as they can't see a way through in their situations, yet knowing in their hearts that God will not let them down.  All in all the aim was to give God all the glory and we believe that happened this morning and can only be very excited for the future as we expect people to see breakthrough and release in their circumstances.

Thank you Lord for placing us in such an amazing family!

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