We've just been really blessed with 3 days away on Farmer Koos's farm in Montagu with Grandad and Lesley.

It was great to have some time out away from the usual stresses and strains of daily life and just chill in the middle of nowhere free from the shackles of modern technology.

The best bit of all though is seeing the boys roaming freely and safely on the farm, often accompanied by a pack of dogs and getting up to all kinds of mischief. It really is pure pleasure to watch them chill!

Wednesday was their highlight as they got to spend the whole day in the swimming pool getting out occasionally for a bite to eat or a drink. Their shriveled prune like extremities had shriveled up like prunes from being in there so long.

It's also been great for the boys to have some quality time with Grandad and Lesley as living 6000 miles apart makes such time very valuable indeed.

As ever the location of Farmer Koos' is simply stunning allowing for some great photo opportunities so we'll be starting a mini series on our photoblog entitled Lewe Op Die Plaas with some of the best piccies.

Fun with Grandad and Lesley

Another stunning Karoo sunset!

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