Off To Camp

The next growing up phase in Joel's life started today as he very reluctantly went off on his school camp!  Every year the Years 4, 5 and 6 go to camp for 2 nights and it is apparently often supposed to be the 'making of them'! Joel has not been keen at all and we have had quite a few tears and do I really have to go type comments right up to this morning! So, we both survived the drop off this morning and Mum especially was pleased to see this photo taken of Joel with his mates just before climbing on the bus - even a hint of a smile - so hopefully all will be well!

Let's hope he really really enjoys himself and comes home on Friday lunchtime full of great stories of what they got up to. It will certainly be quiet at home without him!

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  1. Prayers and good wishes for Joel to have a fine time at camp!


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