S is for Spiloxene Capensis

I've blogged about this flower a couple of times before here and here and still maintain that it's my all time favourite flower.

The Spiloxene Capensis is also known as the Painted Peacock Flower and is actually classed as a weed. I have to say it's a particularly stunning weed!

Sadly it's incredibly difficult to cultivate in the garden so I'll have to settle for the delight of seeing it between Feb and April in the Nature Reserve.

This post is part of a series in the Blogging From A To Z Challenge, April 2012.

Spiloxene Capensis growing wild in the Helderberg Nature Reserve


  1. I would agree that the Spiloxene Capensis (there has got to be an easier name for that) is quite a beautiful weed. But a weed is, after all, only a flower out of place. Pretty stunning -- simple, but stunning.

    Thanks for stopping in at my blog -- I just got the Power Toy to work on my new compu (Windows 7, also), so I'm quite happy. Had to do a little internet surfing to figure it out, but glad that it works!

    Nice to "meet" you, Dino!! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. popping in from the A-Z. what wonderful work you are doing. A beautiful family! Is the A-Z challenge exhausting you like it is me? :-) Visit my Ballpark by clicking on my name.


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