Mr Bounce

I could leave this as a wordless post with just the photos and most of you would guess who I would be talking about.

My boy doesn't stay still for long, though the telly is teaching him to pay attention for increasing amounts of time. Not sure if that's a good thing or not?! Anyway, beyond the world of the electronic babysitter, Eli is one incredibly active young man and constantly looking for mischief things to do. One of the things I love about him is how he'll take something he learnt and apply it to an area or something for which it wasn't really intended.

The trampoline is just one such example. Eli has been doing gymnastics at school (sadly it's on hold now until we can find a decent gym teacher) and he's been applying the moves he's been taught to the trampoline and as some of you may have seen on Facebook, the swimming pool, or rather any swimming pool he chances upon in the absence of one in our garden.

The difference between a mummy and a daddy around a trampoline can be expressed like this: "Stay in the middle junior, don't jump too high.".  Daddy on the other hand tends to be more: "Higher my boy, now do a back-flip". Needless to say the gymnastics teacher was more of the mummy side of things.

Anyway, Eli has been doing some spectacular stuff on the trampoline lately and his cartwheels into  swimming pools are coming along a treat!

Definitely Mr Bounce!

Cartwheeling into the pool

Mr Bounce when he's stationary

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  1. Mr. Bounce sounds awesome and I bet he keeps Mum n' Dad on their toes! :) He's such a handsome lit'l guy too!


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