I was really saddened to hear of the death of Vicky last night.  I knew he had been sick for a while now but it's such a shame to see yet another young man die of HIV related illnesses when he could and should have been on ARV's over two years ago.

I have some very fond memories of Vicky, he was a great member of my Chris Nissen bible study group and for a while a few years ago I would take a few of the guys through to Cape Town to see him in the TB hospital.After his stay there Vicky was very strong for a while and returned to work. Things were looking up but then a year or so ago he fell sick and wouldn't seek help.

I understand all the reasons as to why folk here don't seek medical help early if at all but it's all such a senseless waste!


  1. May he rest in the peace of the Lord, may the angels greet him and welcome into paradise. Prayers of consolation for all who loved and will miss him.

  2. Sorry to hear that. He must be up in heaven now, enjoying true freedom.


    1. Thanks. It's good to know he's there.


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