Today is the last day of a marathon five day weekend which has been a lot of fun.

Friday was Freedom Day, a very important day in South Africa's history and today is Workers' Day so most folk also took Monday off to make the most of it all and we've certainly made the most of it though if truth be told it will be nice to get back to some semblance of normality (whatever that is).

SA has twelve public holidays throughout the year and even one of the local businesses has been making fun of this lately suggesting that World Cup Remembrance Day will soon be added to the list.

We've had some great days out including a trip to the aquarium and a trip to the cinema, but mostly we've been enjoying some long overdue family time at home and the weather hasn't spoilt things too much.

Getting back into the rhythm of school and work won't be easy!

Joel enjoying playing in the garden

As winter settles in some of the sunsets are truly stunning

Our protea is in flower again, sadly it always looks at its best immediately prior to flowering.

The man!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for popping in over at my place! I'm "stalking" you back! :D I read your "about" section.. So, so interesting. I referred your blog to a childhood friend of mine. He's a cyclist too and he and his wife are also Christians.. And then there's me.. A believer who cusses like a sailor and manages to travel thru life with one foot in heaven and one foot in hell.. I do so love my God and my Savior tho and no one can take that from me!
    GREAT blog and I will be visiting daily so put the coffee on! ; )


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