TV Or Light?

So we were on our way out last night and decided to pop into Macassar to see a couple from church to deliver something they had been waiting for for a few weeks. When we arrived in the monsoon like rain the house appeared to be in total darkness so Dean went to the door to knock and could see the light of the TV flickering through the window. It's always a joy to spend time with our family members and this visit was particularly special because of the delivery.

The house was in total darkness apart from the telly and the couple wouldn't put a light on because the stark choice was TV for the evening or a light on for a few minutes. After we'd been chatting for a minute we were aware of the floor moving, it was alive with children under duvets and blankets trying to keep warm whilst watching the telly and half the kids belonged to the neighbours.

Sadly this has been a tough week for the family as he had collapsed earlier in the week and after a visit to his Dr had been told to stay off work. Here no work means no pay! So yesterday, ignoring the Dr's advice he walked to a place he had been told had some work but unfortunately he got there a few minutes too late and all the jobs had gone. He then had to walk home in the pouring rain.

This is the reality of life for some of our church members. Life is tough and getting tougher by the day. There we were on our way out to enjoy ourselves for the evening. So what would you have done?

Dean had a chat with him outside and gave him some money to buy some food and electricity. Thankfully this couple are really sorted and we know they will spend the few bucks wisely.

Please pray for our members who are struggling for work and money. Feeding a family is not easy at the best of times but when you're this poor but still better off than most of your neighbours life gets very tough and messy.

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  1. God have mercy... And God bless you. Prayers for all.

    This really puts things in perspective. It makes me want to turn to all those arguing about nonsense and politics and say, please - just for a minute... Look here.


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