What a great weekend!

On Friday we joined with Every Nation here in Somerset West for their conference. They were hosting a guy called Marc Dupont who despite looking like a skinny Robin Williams was very good. We were particularly taken with his exposition of the name El Shaddai meaning God who is able to do that which you can't do for yourself. That is definitely our experience!

I was a bit reluctant to go on Friday simply because I had been struggling all week to put my sermon together for Sunday. I was planning to continue on "Come with us and we will treat you well", looking at the whole thing of loving our neighbours but I just couldn't get anywhere. So after eventually waiting on God I felt it was right to revisit the story of Joseph, one of my fav' stories in the bible. I was looking at it from the perspective of 'when bad things happen to good people'. Joseph certainly had his fair share of bad things happen and yet despite how bleak things got God still had a plan for his life and his hand was still on Joseph. What was amazing was that the theme of the morning was about how folk are struggling with bad things at present, so this was definitely a word in season. God is good!

Sunday was then topped off with another visit to Every Nation's conference. We were blessed to join them for their final session and again Marc was brilliant. We felt he picked up on the theme from my sermon in the morning and carried it to another level. God is amazing!

We got home very late and the boys stumbled into bed at a very uncharacteristic 10pm but we felt very refreshed!

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  1. Blessings! God is amazing, indeed! Praise be to God.


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