Super Sunday!

There are many examples of women in leadership in the bible and just as in life, some of them were great and some not so, but that's one of the strengths of the bible, it reflects so much of the reality of life.

So while some churches turn their noses up at women in leadership or get distracted by voting on the issue we choose to get on with it and allow the women amongst us to blossom and flourish as God intended.

At Tree Of Life this Sunday Paula shared a word and spoke about Progress, looking at how we need and want to progress in our personal lives and church lives. A great word topped off with the attention grabbing point made using a Powerpoint slide of Phineas & Ferb, Joel was well impressed!

It thrills me that we have a number of good people able to teach and preach in church and the fact that one of the best of them is my amazing wife makes me very proud!


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