J Is For Jesus

I make no apologies in stating that as far as I'm concerned it's all about Jesus.

Whilst there seems to be a growing fashion to remove Jesus from church as certain leaders gain celebrity status I have to say that for me and Tree of Life Church, Jesus is and will remain central to all that we do.

Lecture over!

I was looking for a serious picture to accompany this post but whilst searching google images I came across this selection of hideous images and had a chuckle to myself. Take a look at the picture and once you've spotted what's wrong leave a comment.

This post is part of a series in the Blogging From A To Z Challenge, April 2013.


  1. Hmmm, bottom row, last photo on right. Julia Roberts will not be mistaken for Jesus. Although that image on the top row, one in from the right is not that Jesus-y to me...

  2. I get so annoyed with the popular media images of Jesus. He was Jewish. He's not going to have blonde hair and blue eyes. I prefer this image - "The Real Face of Jesus" - as I can imagine him looking more like that than anything else.

    1. Totally with you Rebeccah. Jesus was from the middle East so blonde & blue eyed he would not have been.

  3. What's Julia Roberts doing there
    Susan http://www.gardenofedenblog.com

    1. It's a total mystery Susan but it made me laugh when I saw her in there.


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