We don't have a xylophone at Tree of Life.

In fact we have nothing that resembles a worship band in any way shape or form and yet we have some of the most liberating and meaningful worship I've ever experienced.

I remember several years ago when Matt Redman brought out his brilliant song The Heart of Worship and many churches responding by stripping their worship back to basics.

Sadly the fad didn't last long and pretty soon we were making it about ourselves once again.  But these words stuck with me: "I'll bring You more than a song For a song in itself Is not what You have required". I'm still struck by these words and love how Matt grasped what true worship was about.

I feel this is where we're at at Tree of Life, we can't put on an all singing all dancing performance, thankfully we simply don't have the resources to do that. But what we can do is spend time in God's presence, worshiping in spirit and truth, leaving plenty of space for the Holy Spirit to minister. In this we bring so much more than a song to our Lord. Personally I find this very exciting!

This post is part of a series in the Blogging From A To Z Challenge, April 2013.


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