Miles 4 Smiles Assembly

Paula posted this on Facebook but it totally deserves a blog post.

Totally inspirational special school assembly at Helderberg International School led by Braam Malherbe to motivate the students to raise all they can at their Operation Smile sponsored event next week.

Braam is an ordinary guy who has done extraordinary things simply because he believes he can and that anything is possible. He has run the Great Wall of China for Operation Smile, which no-one had done before or has done since and even his team nutritionist Dr Tim Noakes, said it could not be done. That was the equivalent of running a marathon 6 days a week for 100 days!

If you are able and want to please consider sponsoring the boys as they “Slide for Smiles” next Tuesday and help them and the school to make a huge difference in the lives of children who cannot smile at the moment without their help.

See more of our involvement with Miles 4 Smiles.


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