The non-return valve has been fitted. Hooray!

In fairness, once the municipality had been convinced that our sewage problem was of their making they acted well and reasonably swiftly to install the valve.

Hopefully this will be the end of sanitary products etc. winding up in our garden when the storm drains burst and flood the sewers.

They remain perplexed as to why the sewers get filled by the storm drains overflowing but hopefully they'll be able to fix that problem too. For now I'm just happy to know that the risk of our home flooding has been dramatically reduced.

The floods in November last year were a close thing for us, the waters stopped by our gate but our garden was badly flooded mainly by the storm waters flushing back into our garden through the sewer. Nice!

A bird's eye view of our sewer. The municipality took some convincing that the problem was theirs but they convinced themselves by sending a camera down the drain.

Finally the work is underway

You can follow the saga by clicking on the links below.
Sewer Inspection
Sewer Inspection Update


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