The main reason for our trips back to Blighty every three years is to feedback to our supporters and churches and to try and drum up some fresh support. Over the years people drop off for a number of reasons and as such it's hard work maintaining the momentum in encouraging folk to partner with us financially.

Aside from giving tax efficiently via Stewardship, we've now set up two very simple ways in which you can partner with us. Both options are via PayPal, the first allows you to simply donate using any credit or debit card, the second one requires a PayPal account.

If you're unsure about us and what we're doing please feel free to follow the About tab at the top of the page to learn a bit more about our journey. Please also take a look at our Vision, or click on the Email Us tab to contact us directly.

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On our recent trip to Blighty we gave out many many Stewardship giving forms and many folk said they would partner with us, but a month later we've seen very little action. If you took a form at one of our Roadshows please prayerfully consider completing it and joining with us in partnership.

Thank you!


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