Birthday Boy

Here's wishing our baby a very happy 11th birthday.

When Paula first met him in Bloemfontein hospital at a mere 12 hours old he was simply labelled "Baby number 9".

This total world-changer, Eli (the Lord is my God) Thomas Finnie, is destined by the King of Kings to bring light and life to all he comes into contact with. This unique, highly slightly off the wall, loving, funny young man is going to bring together people of all different ages and cultures.

You go my boy, we cheer you on and we love you and all that you bring into our family!

Yummy birthday cake that has mostly been inhaled

Love you Sunshine!

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  1. It was written before time began that Eli would be entrusted to the Finnies......God's plan for his life is unfolding!


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