Life Is Cheap

We have been shocked again this morning as a church community by how cheap life is in Macassar and Firgrove.

Many of you will remember Linda's story from previous Road Shows in the UK. Linda lost 3 family members in a shooting incident that turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. Of course, the family have been through agonies as they try to process this and continue with life as the days and months unfold.

Now today we have heard again that Linda's Uncle's son was shot dead in front of his mum!

Once again this family must deal with the shock and devastation of the incident whilst all the old memories are also being brought up.

Linda also tells us that a 17 year old boy was shot dead on Christmas morning just a few streets away from her. Folk in Macassar are becoming scared to walk out after dark. Please pray for Linda and her family and that there would be peace in the community. We ask Jesus to shine light into the darkness.


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