Three wild fires are raging locally between Sir Lowry's Pass and the Schapenberg which is right on our doorstep.

The emergency choppers have been out for most of the afternoon doing their best to douse the flames but the wind is really vicious and they have now been grounded.

The pic here is looking from outside our house up the Schapenberg and it really is looking bleak.

This fire is very close to town and we can only hope and pray that the emergency services can contain this quickly before anyone is hurt.

The Helderberg seen (or not) from the top of our garage

It's a little (and big) boys paradise with all the helicopters overhead

I was well pleased with this shot taken from the roof of my garage

Fire on the Schapenberg seen from above our garage

Some firefighters are visible on the Schapenberg

These pilots are real heroes!

Two for the price of one

Loving this action shot

You'd never know it was mid-summer looking at that sky

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  1. Thank you for the info and pictures!

    I pray that each and every life be protected whilst dealing with these fires!


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