Paula & I had the privilege of attending Green Shoots 5th Birthday Celebration last night.

For those that haven't kept up, our Homework Club at The Gathering runs Green Shoots Maths@Home online programme.

Our Homework Club is a complete joy to run and as an extra privilege last night I was asked to share a little about the impact Green Shoots has had on our learners and the wider community.

I spoke briefly about two boys who had both been written off by their schools, with one of them doing Grade 3 for the third time because he failed the year. However after just one term on the Maths@Home project both boys have done really well at school, with one of their teachers asking his mum about what was going on at home because his whole attitude and work ethic had changed massively.

A Principal said last night "Green Shoots can and will work". I went further and said "It's not that Green Shoots can work or will work, Green Shoots does work!"

We're immensely privileged to be associated with Green Shoots and very proud of what we're achieving together.


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