As I ran into the house last week after my ladies group to grab a quick sandwich and coffee before beginning the "afternoon busy-ness" of my day I clearly heard the Father say to me, "how many of your ladies can do this right now?". This stuck with me all week and right through the weekend.

It's true, we had had a fun and exciting morning together, plenty of laughter, conversation and a few tears with our sharing and prayer time, but I could see that many were in typically tight situations, and once again, one had come back very shame-faced after everyone had left and I was washing up to ask me if I didn't have something for her to eat.

So this Wednesday, without any fuss, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee out at local a coffee shop, all the ladies and their kids tucked into and enjoyed a surprise tray of sandwiches together with their usual coffee and biscuits! It's the truth that I had let slide, we cannot try and feed the souls of hungry people without first satisfying the most basic hunger!

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