For the first time in 14 years we actually managed to string a two week family holiday together. Actually it was 13 days but we'll let that slide.

It was great to be back in Montagu (though we missed Greyton) and trying some new accommodation. Paula found this little gem online and we had a very peaceful two weeks with great views and were only a five minute walk from the town centre.

Montagu has some great restaurants, a fantastic secondhand bookshop and a lovely Saturday market so we got to do lots of what we love to do, chill, read, eat good food and sample great wines all whilst reconnecting as a family. What a huge blessing!

One of the joys for Dean is that we invariably get to celebrate his birthday whilst on holiday and this year was no exception so we had a lot of fun celebrating that over a few days.

We're really thankful too for The Gathering and how they kept church life going in our absence.

Below are some highlights from our holiday...

Enjoying the hot pools at Warmwaterberg

Birthday lunch platters at Joubert Tradauw


A spectacular lenticular cloud in our holiday view

Love it

Precious family time pt1

Precious family time pt2

A work of art on the skottlebraai

Precious family time pt3


We found a pub in Barrydale that serves proper sized glasses

Sunset in Barrydale

The view from the bottom of our garden

Precious family time pt4

Sampling Montagu beer

Precious family time pt5

Precious family time pt6


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