Load Shedding

I can't quite believe that I've never blogged about this farce issue before, especially as it's such a regular occurrence due to Eskom's incompetence mismanagement corruption breakdown in supply infrastructure and its inability to manage its affairs.

Load shedding is where our loathed state monopoly beloved electricity supplier cuts power off to certain areas at certain times for about 2½ hours in a desperate bid controlled manner to reduce electricity consumption and therefore bring stability to the power network.

Eskom have schedules for when each area will suffer experience load shedding but the reality is that their timings are similar to Microsoft's when doing an update or transferring lots of files.

South Africa's electricity tariffs are already very high and the thieving gits Eskom have just applied to the govt for a 15% increase in tariffs. Grrr!

So until this debacle situation is sorted, and there's no sign of that anytime soon, we're back to keeping solar jars charged and the candles burning. Ho hum.

Consider this too... SA is amongst the world's  best locations for solar and wind power generation and yet the government are seriously considering nuclear power to address the nations shortfall!


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