You know you're living in unusual times when  you walk in to your local cornershop wearing a mask and rather than being chased out as a potential robber you're welcomed in for being a responsible citizen.

Given how tight the restrictions are for our lockdown we've had to be a bit creative in how we do things, so one of them is making sure that when it comes to "essential supplies" we have just enough for the day and when we need more one of us walks around to the local Spar. That way one of us gets a bit of exercise and we all get to enjoy a treat or two aswell. Yesterday was my turn and having walked to the shop was refused entry because I wasn't wearing a face mask. So I had to walk home, get a Buff and walk back to get the essential items. Ordinarily I might have complained, but it was nice to do the walk twice, especially as there was no traffic out, it made for a peaceful walk.

There are other positives about lockdown too, there have been a few news articles about how the planet has begun healing itself in the absence of industrial & vehicular pollution which is great. In our garden I've resurrected the hammock and yesterday it was lovely to hear the bees in our tree again, they usually get drowned out by all the noise pollution. Our dogs are barking a lot less too because there are no other dogs being walked past our house, it's making time in the hammock very pleasant & relaxing.

Just about surviving in the hammock


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