I said in Thursday's post that I would talk about exercise, so here it is a day later than planned...

As I said on Thursday, the frustrating part of the Police Minister's statement is not so much the ban on booze sales but the ban on being able to go out for any form of exercise. I had planned to go out for a 5k run every other day, but will now have to settle for running around the house. Thankfully we're blessed with a big garden and setting out a running track around the house will be an easy pleasure.

We had planned on doing a certain amount of fitness stuff at home anyway, with Joel & me planning on boxing in the garage, so we also stocked up of a few other bits to turn our garage in to a makeshift gym which will allow all four of us to workout.

We have a punchbag, speedball & skipping ropes for Joel & me to keep up our boxing. We also have a few dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 5kg, a 3kg wallball, a 7kg slamball, an agility ladder, a few cones for marking out exercise routines and our running track and some gym mats, so Paula should also be able to exercise along to CEY's Instagram Crossfit videos.  Coach Cris is also doing some boxing videos so they should help a lot.

Yesterday I did my first lockdown session which was put together by my boxing coach Cristiano, it looked like this:

🥊 5Min Short stretches ——————
🥊2 ROUNDS of 3 min 30s intervals of :
1-30s Straight punches
2-30s High knees
3-30s Star jumps
( Perform the 30s intervals in that sequence till you reach 3min. Take 60s break and repeat ONCE MORE)
🥊3ROUNDS of 3 mins Conditioning of 6 x 30s interval in each round:
1-30s Straight punches
2-30s Burpees
3-30s Sit ups
4-30s Plank
5-30s Side plank (L)
6-30s Side plan (R)
🥊 5min Cool down stretch

I began with three rounds of skipping and in between the two routines I added 6 rounds of boxing alternating between the punchbag and speedball.
All in all a great start to my lockdown fitness programme.

CEY Boxing Workout on Insta with my timing app ready for action

Three rounds of skipping

High Knees

Straight Punches

Not a bad workout


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