Today saw the inaugural Bizweni ParkRun under a magnificent clear blue South African sky. The crowds (two dogs) were full of excitement and expectation for this new event.

We should at this point thank our unofficial sponsor Covid-19 without whom this event would not have been possible.

The runners took off as the gun signaled the regular ParkRun start at 8am.  The full 5kilometres involved some 57 laps around the house and garden and despite good conditions the finishing times were a little disappointing, however these are attributed to a combination of tripping over two excited dogs and the number of tight bends the runners had to negotiate.

All in all it was a resounding success and we expect there to be at least two more editions of this ParkRun.

Seriously though, In the light of ParkRuns being cancelled for the time being, I managed to lay out an 89 metre track around the house & garden, which I'm quite please with, though it did involve some gentle pruning of our Yellowwood tree  :(

So there we have it, 5ks, 57 laps and probably a grumpy neighbour or two who had to endure the incessant padding of our feet as we went around and around. 

Here's a walk around of our running track


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