Live Again

I want to post about all the wonderful blessings we're experiencing right now, and share about how life is great, but I can't do what I see some do and just pretend the sun is shining and life is great. In fact I have to be honest and say that I'm struggling to remain positive at present. I'm having to force myself to stay away from the news because it's worse than depressing and it makes my blood boil.

Reading about politicians who were corrupt before the coronavirus broke out now taking the moral high ground is quite sickening. Hearing some of those same politicians pushing their own personal agendas under the deceptive mask of #lockdown is galling.  Knowing that NPOs and others are being targeted for their feeding programmes whilst the Govt fails to step up and meet the needs of the most vulnerable citizens is painful. Knowing that we along with hundreds of thousands of others who are normally peaceful law abiding citizens are being forced in to criminality because we can no longer buy a bottle of wine legally, and might not be able to for many months yet. And what has really got my goat is knowing that there is blatant criminal activity being perpetrated just a couple of hundred metres from our house and yet the police saw fit to issue us with a parking ticket for parking outside our own house. None of it helps keep a positive frame of mind!

But despite all this, I am giving thanks, even if the circumstances are tough (1 Thessalonians 5:18), because I know God is in control. And I'm really thankful that having shared this amazing video with Joel he felt moved to share it with his youth group last night.

For that alone I am thankful.

So just as the song declares, I will speak to them dry bones cos I'm coming out of the grave and I'm gonna live, I'm gonna live again. Thank you LORD!


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