Thank You

As well as restarting The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen we're partnering with a number of other groups and organisations in our efforts to get food parcels out to as many needy and vulnerable families in our community as possible.

Yesterday we were thrilled to be blessed with the first fruits of our partnership with Revitanation, a local project put together by a group of concerned local businesses.

Enough food for six hampers was delivered to our house and we put the hampers together and distributed them to families in Firgrove that we know are struggling through this crisis.

It's always incredibly humbling to receive an outpouring of gratitude when we deliver food hampers and especially so when we weren't actually responsible for their provision, and so we are incredibly thankful to the guys at Revitanation for wanting to partner with The Gathering and for making a difference in a few lives in the community.

(We don't normally take photos of recipients unless they really want us to, but these were taken for accountability).


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