It seems official (to me at least) that the lunatics are indeed running the asylum.

In our local shop today I was amazed to see that certain herbs and spices weren't available either because they aren't deemed essential, or because their manufacture isn't. Either way they're deemed non-essential which is bonkers.

This begs the question: who gets to decide what is or isn't essential?

In fact it raises a whole series of questions about the lockdown and how the citizenry are being treated in what is supposed to be a libertarian democracy.

Now I'm not advocating for mass civil disobedience, nor am I arguing for a complete ending of the lockdown. What I am arguing for is that the voices of the people be heard, that those who make the rules are held accountable for their decisions and that we all be allowed a little bit of what we fancy (oregano, alcohol, tobacco etc) to make the lockdown more bearable.

Sadly at this rate the shops are going to be empty not because people stockpiled but because the government deemed so much stuff non-essential that it's not even being manufactured.

Back to the bit about democracy... the president has failed to address the nation for three weeks now and it's becoming ever clearer that the National Coronavirus Command Council  (which is supposed to advise parliament) has taken over the state apparatus and has actually overruled the president on at least one occasion.  This is NOT how a democracy is supposed to work!

And now we have our beloved Police Minister advocating for the alcohol and tobacco ban to remain regardless of what level of lockdown the country goes in to because the ban on alcohol sales, coupled with increased police visibility, had drastically reduced violent crime.  Silly me thinking the lockdown is supposed to be about the coronavirus!  The more Cele speaks the clearer it becomes that the alcohol ban has nothing to do with preventing the spread of the coronavirus but is based on law enforcement and his personal agenda.

And while we're talking about the police, let's mention the 253 police officers arrested during lockdown for their part in crime! Yes you read that correctly, 253 SA police officers have so far been arrested for crimes they've committed under lockdown. The Police Minister can't control his own officers but feels he has a right to tell the rest of us what we can and can't do?!?
See the links at the bottom for some comedy gold.

A few days ago the leader of the main opposition party warned the govt that 'if they didn't end the lockdown the people would'. Sadly I think we're quite close to that happening and all because the government won't listen to or take in to consideration the will of the people.

If this was a TV programme you would dismiss it as being too far fetched.

Some of these are unbelievable:
‘Scores of police officers arrested during lockdown’ Cele - He knows there's a major problem
12 cops arrested during weekend, including 5 who drank at Free State tavern - Seriously?!?
89 police officers arrested for selling booze confiscated during lockdown raids -
12 police officers arrested for breaking lockdown regulations - You can't make this stuff up
Police officers arrested for alleged corruption - Business as usual then!
Police Minister is against alcohol. - Is this about Covid-19 or his personal teetotal agenda?


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