First Day Back Debacle

What a joke!

Having spent most of last week preparing Joel to return to school today, we were told to expect an announcement from the Education Minister on Friday evening. This then got pushed back to Sunday evening and then pushed back again until 11am today.

We then learn via a local news website that schools are only reopening for pupils on the 8th whilst teachers are back from today. So quite why two teacher friends were called back to work last week is a mystery.

Meanwhile the Teachers Unions are furious because they believe the timetable for reopening schools is wholly unrealistic.

Thankfully our boys go to two brilliant schools, the Principals of which did their absolute best to keep us up to speed with what is, or isn't, happening.

In the end it appears that the Western Cape Education Department decided to go it alone and announced that schools are open from this morning for Grades 7 & 12, which has further incensed the teaching unions.

At least we had some clarity for Joel who really needs it in his Matric year. Eli was supposed to return to school on Wednesday as his school have invested heavily in all the right PPE etc and have the space to ensure the children follow social distancing protocols. For now however, his return is on hold until 6 July.


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