I'm not one for conspiracy theories and would side with David Baddiel who says conspiracy theories are "how idiots get to feel like intellectuals", and I certainly do not lean towards trump and his ridiculousness. However... I am beginning to wonder if there might be something in this Huawei stuff.

Now bear with me here as I explain...

We stream all of our TV and we do it on my PC in our office and cast it with Chromecast on to our living room TV.

I have no scientific data to quantify this and it's just an observation... however, 99% of the time our streaming setup works seamlessly with just the occasional bit of lag. That is until Joel comes and sits with us with his Huawei cellphone. Paula & I can be there with our Samsung phones with no problem at all, but Joel's Huawei immediately makes the Chromecast play up with the picture becoming glitchy and pixellated. As soon as he takes his phone away, the picture is restored. Like I say, this is just an observation, I have no way of quantifying it, though the interference is very real.

As I said, I'm not one for all of Trump's nonsense and stupid conspiracy theories, but I'm beginning to suspect there's something not quite right with Huawei. Has anyone else had any issues?


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