It's been a while but it's nice to see that Facing the Mountain has once again been featured on Missionary Blogs's Blog Watch as part of a feature entitled "Small Blessings?". Our featured post was Rough Night which we posted about some of our homeless Soup Kitchen regulars.

It's always a good feeling when one of your posts gets picked up in this way.

Whilst we're talking about Missionary Blogs, why not pop over to their page and take a look around? There are hundreds of blogs run by active mission partners around the world and it's easy to search the site by countries to find what you're interested in.

Facing The Mountain is amongst their Veteran Missionary Bloggers with only six having been running longer than this one, and of those, four are still active, which isn't bad. The second on the list: Comings Communique has disappeared altogether whilst Argen Text hasn't posted since 2016.

Go on, take a look, you won't be disappointed.

(We're also featured on their Missionary South Africa page, though it could do with a bit of updating, especially as it appears that the other blogs mentioned all appear to have stopped).


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