On Saturday I had the privilege of taking Joel through to Stellenbosch to my boxing buddy Conrad's studio where they were hosting a live concert to stream on Facebook.

Conrad is a well known and very gifted sound engineer as well as a performer and all round great bloke and he's helping Joel get a taste for sound engineering which is Joel's preference for next year.

We've already applied to a local college for him and are hoping the interviews will be in the next month or two. Joel's super keen so Saturday was a great taster of what it all involves. Hopefully he'll get a couple more sessions with Conrad looking at the set up and pack down side of it all too.

So I got to be Joel's taxi and got a free concert for my troubles, so I'm not complaining, especially as I got to hear Warongx play a solo acoustic set. He was simply superb!  Check out his Free Palestine video below.

Above, Warongx performing live as seen from the social media mixing desk

Warongx live in the studio

Joel watching Conrad at work

 The monitor sound desk with the main desk in the background

It was quite some setup

Keeping the social media streams flowing

Warongx performing Free Palestine with his bandmates


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