Let me tell you a story...

Pink Floyd announced the release of their Later Years ensemble late last year saying it would be released on November 29.  Exciting times!

My lovely sister-in-law and family agreed to get it for me for Christmas and so began an almost 9 month saga that finally ended today when a courier handed me the parcel containing the LP.

Originally, we placed a pre-order for this and were hoping a globe trotting friend from Blighty might bring it out with her to SA in December.

Sadly her trip was cancelled in September already, and so I placed an order for it with a local vinyl supplier on 27 September. All seemed OK until the order arrived with him in early December and he discovered 30+ copies of Dark side Of The Moon which were neither use nor ornament to anyone. He returned the order and we waited, and waited and waited.

Then lo and behold we entered the brave new world of Covid-19 with the wheels falling off practically everything. Here in SA the lockdown was so tight it would have given 'squeaky bum time' a run for its money and it certainly put the kibosh on any hopes of receiving my record any time soon.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it arrived today and I'm over the moon. So, happy Christmas one and all.


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