Been there, done that... the young & stupid bit, and am still waiting for the payback of being old & wise.

It's been an interesting 24 hours, from taking the car to be checked for a grumbling wheel bearing, a dog jumping in my grave and an appointment with a Chiropractor (proof that I'm getting older) to start some treatment for my herniated disc (slipped disc is so far from the right description!). I came out of the appointment feeling beaten up and the acupuncture needles he stuck in my bum really hurt when they hit the nerve he was looking for. This herniated disc is the most pain I have ever experienced in life, and I've had some nasty injuries in my time.

Please keep praying for total healing, I'm so fed up with it now, and to add to my misery, the Chiropractor told me to stop boxing until it's healed, so that's my fun just gone out the window.

He made an interesting point in saying that for a herniated disc they always write a prescription for pain meds and anti-depressants, and for the first time in my life they seem quite tempting. Boxing is my usual anti-depressant, so to be told to stop for a while is really depressing, as is not being able to run since it first happened.

On a lighter note... we've had an unusual number of thunder storms over the last two years here in the Cape and they seem to be getting worse. So last night as soon as I left my chair for a minute Rosie was straight in there and wouldn't budge for anything. Poor thing, she really hates thunder or loud bangs of any description.

Having Paula's car checked for grumbling wheel bearings which thankfully turned out not to be the case. The noise appears to have been a combination of the road surface and something stuck to the tyre.


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