Elisha's Bones

I was so fed up with this yesterday!

After a couple of days of non-stop rain I had checked the local weather forecast and it said the rain had finished, so I hung the washing out, only for the heavens to open and leave the washing saturated.

I was not amused!

There was no way I was going out in that to get the washing in again, and so most of it ended up on the airer being dried by last night's fire, so I guess I shouldn't grumble.

Then this morning, the storm has cleared and we are blessed with wonderful clear blue skies, and we now have two loads of washing out on the line drying, which means we're fully caught up with the washing load (let's not mention the ironing pile).

This got me thinking about God's blessings and the encouragement I shared with The Gathering this morning.

I shared a bit about the man who was thrown into Elisha's tomb and how when his body touched Elisha's bones he came back to life.

What I love in that story in 2 Kings 13 is that the men who had taken the dead man out to bury him panicked when they saw the Moabite raiders (who attacked every spring), and in their fear, in their panic and in their weakness they discarded of the corpse in to Elisha's tomb.

Basically, in their fear, in their panic and in their weakness, God's power was made perfect and the man came back to life.
2 Corinthians 12:9 tells us "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness"

Sometimes the blessings come from the unlikeliest sources but they are always from God.

Thank you LORD!


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