Having talked a brave talk about taxis having to cooperate and reduce their occupancy to a maximum of 70%, President Ramaphosa bottled it and said they can be full as long as they have "some of their windows open", then they wonder why Soweto, South Africa's largest township is the worst affected part of the country.   #facepalm

Having seen & heard nothing of the President in over a month, I don't think anyone anticipated the nation taking such a backwards step last night.

Previously South Africa moved to Level 3 Advanced (whatever that was) Lockdown and last night President Ramaphosa berated the nation for "reckless behaviour" and punished us all for his lack of leadership. So I'm calling this new amendment Level 3 Backwards.

Also, I think I shall rename him President Absentphosa.

The tragic joke of it all is that he claims that the government's latest moves are to "contain the spread of the coronavirus" but there's little if any evidence of his policies working so far!

And his gall at blaming the people for his lack of leadership is lamentable. Masks should have been mandatory ages ago, but no.

I've posted on this before, and no doubt will again, but unless the government is prepared to step up and lead by example, there's really little hope of the populous stepping up, especially when education levels are so low amongst so many.

And as for the govt kowtowing before the bully boys of the taxi industry, it really doesn't set much of an example to follow.

I'm glad my faith is in God and not politicians!


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