We find ourselves in a ridiculous situation here in SA.

As part of the ANC government's many irrational rules governing our lockdown, the sale and transportation of alcohol is prohibited (it was originally banned, then unbanned and then banned again which is where we find ourselves). So with our stock dwindling we used a contact or two and this morning (along with a lot of other very happy people) we drove out to an unmarked location and collected our order of 18 bottles of wine.

As normally regular law abiding citizens we were forced to break the law, and as Rhett Butler famously said in Gone With The Wind: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn".

Yesterday as I was waiting at the robot (traffic light) by the Somerset West post office a young man walked up to my car and put a packet of cigarettes against my window asking how many I want to buy. Sales of tobacco products are also prohibited, but this didn't stop the (several) young men from openly touting their wares and all in front of a police car on the other side of the road. Mind you, the police are known to be supplying the illegal tobacco products. That's how ridiculous things have got out here!

I know that breaking the law is wrong and I know that the fact that 'everyone is doing it' doesn't make it okay. But we're now in a farcical situation where the government itself is so morally bankrupt and corrupt (they've already been exposed for their corruption around PPE!) that they can have no say over what is or isn't legal.

SA's economy is shot and with no sign in end of this nonsense and no leadership on offer it's no wonder things have got so bad. The tragedy is that things are going to get a whole lot worse and to top it off, just when the govt could use some tax revenue from the sales of tobacco (R15bn lost by May 2020 and counting) and alcohol they're shooting themselves in the foot. Still, the wine was cheaper because no sales tax was levied so we shouldn't complain.

The lunatics are well and truly in charge of the asylum!

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