In the book of Ezekiel it says: "I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing" - Ezekiel 34:26.

Today has been a true showers of blessing kind of day as I went with Joel to Simon's Town to meet up with Shaddie at My Father's House kitchen where they are doing a stunning job of feeding the neediest and most vulnerable in the Simon's Town area and beyond.

The blessings for me were threefold: time alone with Joel which is always a blessing and a laugh, meeting up with my dear friend Shaddie which is always a huge blessing and collecting a ton of food for The Gathering's own Soup Kitchen and feeding programme.

Shaddie and My Father's House are/were incredibly generous in sharing their blessings with The Gathering, and we in turn are able to be generous with our blessings as we will pass some of this food on to the local Neighbourhood Watch in Firgrove as well as putting some food parcels together for families we know who will use it to bless others around them.

I love how The Kingdom works like that.

Driving back to Firgrove was an interesting experience as my poor little car did its very best despite being overladen. Next time I'll take a trailer!

Joel & Shaddie throwing the lentils into my car

The food unpacked at The Gathering, we can't wait to start giving this out!


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