My heart is sore for the beautiful land of Zimbabwe and her people.

When Mugabe was deposed in 2017 and Emmerson Mnangagwa became President there was genuine hope for the future. But sadly, it appears that the old adage about leopards never changing their spots remains true.

Mnangagwa was the person responsible for the Matabeleland massacre (known as Gukurahundi) in '83 & '84 in which thousands of Nbelele people were slaughtered, estimates range between 2000 and 20000 murdered with countless others raped and tortured.

This massacre was orchestrated by ZANU-PF the ruling party of Zim and it was lead by the man who is now president of Zimbabwe.

So why did anyone ever think things would change?

I don't know the answer to that, other than looking back to the day of Mugabe's ousting in November 2017 when Zim had what was probably the most peaceful military coup ever. The manner of the coup appeared to genuinely offer hope for a new way forward in the nation. Fast forward a few years and Zim is in a desperate state as Mnangagwa's government run riot over peaceful protests against the corruption of his own government.

My heart is sore for this beautiful nation and all we can do is pray.


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