We've had a fun and blessed morning delivering food parcels in Chris Nissen, Broadlands and to a rather chuffed car guard at the local mall.

One of the true joys of what we do is to be at the coal face of blessing people, and seeing the delight and gratitude of recipients never grows old.

Paula has known the car guard for years and after she did the shopping for the food parcels he was so helpful in loading it all in to the car.

So this morning it was a joy to be able to go and find him and hand him one of the food parcels we've just put together. We got the feeling he doesn't often get treated that well.

It was also great to be able to bless Michael & Joyce and Aunty Henna in CNP. Michael & Joyce celebrated pretty big birthdays last week and Aunty Henna celebrates her birthday this weekend, so she said she would ask her niece to bake her a cake with some of the food she received. What a great blessing!


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