Muni Ride

I managed my longest ever Muni ride this morning and am feeling great for it.

I've never previously been fit enough or strong enough to go far on it before, but thanks to all the boxing training riding 5kilometres on my Muni was far easier and more enjoyable than it's ever been

On the strength of this I'm looking forward to speeding up a bit and going further on future rides. 

I rode from our house up to the Nature Reserve and back and then along the dirt road down in to Greyton doing a loop around the village. I had two brief stops to catch my breath and had to walk up the last 40 metres of the final hill, but all in all that was a very satisfying ride.

I'm planning/hoping to make this a regular part of my exercise schedule, especially as running isn't possible with my back the way it is. Also, Muni-ing uses more energy than running so it's a great substitute.

In case you were wondering, Muni in a contraction of Mountain Unicycling.

I'm quite chuffed with my speeds and averages


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