This may just be my weird sense of humour, so you may want to scroll on by for this one...

I'm always on the look out for a sign that can be misinterpreted or has a spelling mistake in it, or something that's just a bit odd, so I was thrilled to come across this error notice on the screen of the ATM in a local shop.

Whilst we were waiting to be served Joel and I happily wasted a fun few minutes discussing what might be wrong with the ATM's throat and indeed where its throat might actually be. In the end we concluded this one was lost in translation.

If Skeletor were a wine rack...

The house we're staying in has an Honesty Bar with some OK wines in it. I was amused to notice how certain parts of it looked a little skull like and so took a photo and changed it to black and white.

I'm quite easily amused like that...

I like this sign outside a Greyton eatery, it amuses me to think that one can stop and smell the coffee but not taste it, though I'm sure that's not what they meant.


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