This is great news! Cape Town's dams are sitting at an average of 91.3% full and are at their highest levels in six years.

The best part of this is that we're in the middle of a cold front which means more rain is due over the next 24 hours and there are more cold fronts expected later in the month, all of which will bring more rain and fill the dams that bit more.

Whilst this is good news, it doesn't mean the drought is over and we can go back to old habits with water. Cape Town's population has grown by over half a million people since 2015 which puts a huge stress on the water supply.

Add on to this the building frenzy of the last few years which shows no signs of abating and you begin to understand just how precious Cape Town's water supply is. Theewaterskloof is the most important dam on the list above and it's looking really healthy right now, given that it was down to 10% of usable water.

For our part we will continue to save water as and where we can, we'll continue with the 'bucket dance' in the shower and only use grey water to water the garden, though we've planted more and more succulents and other water wise plants in the last few years. Hopefully our fellow Capetonians will do likewise.


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