We had the joy and pleasure of attending Joel's High School Valedictory this morning and were pleasantly surprised by the awards he picked up, which included a Silver Merit for Mathematics, though the real shock of the morning was his commendation for his Afrikaans oral. Anyone who's walked the road with us over the last few years knows that this has been a battle royale for Joel, so we're super proud of him for that!

It was a strange event given the restrictions due to Covid, but False Bay High did a great job of honouring the Matric Class of 2020.

For years we have reluctantly attended these end of year school events knowing that Joel might get one of the 'achievement' awards but no real hope of anything more, so he and we were pleasantly surprised by the awards he picked up this morning. We also hope and pray they will give him the final lift and boost he needs as his final exams begin on Monday.

Tonight the school hold their annual Matric Ball, which again will be massively reduced from previous years thanks to Covid, but we have to salute the school for going ahead and giving the Matric's the send off they deserve for surviving the toughest of school years!

Joel with his Principal having received a Silver Merit for Mathematics

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  1. Well done Joel....and Dad and Mom! May you continue to receive good results for your finals!


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