It has been great to get back to some level of normality recently, though having said that, life still remains vastly different to how it was pre-Covid. 

However there is a degree of familiarity reappearing and to be honest it is very welcome.

Life was very tough under Lockdown. Levels 5 to 3 were quite unpleasant as we endured one of the toughest lockdowns in the world. 

But as we see signs of life beginning to re-emerge, it all begins to feel like it was worth it, especially when looking at the likes of the UK from afar, where the handling of the coronavirus was a shambles from the beginning.

The Gathering is now back meeting at our home in Firgrove, and it's a joy & a blessing to be able to worship together again. We still have to abide by certain health & safety protocols, but that does nothing to detract from the joy of worshiping and fellowshiping together again.

Our "new normal" (as President Ramaphosa described it) requires some creative thinking to find solutions to problems caused by the pandemic and it's good to see churches often at the fore of innovation in this. At The Gathering we are once again gathering on a Wednesday evening to pray, but given that not all of us can be there we've had to be creative to ensure as many can participate as want to. So as well as gathering in person in Firgrove we are also continuing to take our prayer gathering on to WhatsApp so those who aren't able to be there in person can still participate.

It really does feel like we have entered an exciting new season and we're thrilled to see The Gathering showing signs of growth already.

Thank you LORD!


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