Alongside doing the bulk of the donkey work in terms of collecting donations, I also get to do the fun bit of passing them on to those that  are in need of them.

Over the last few weeks The Gathering has been blessed with just over 6 pallets of peanut sachets, with each pallet holding 72 boxes and each box containing 150 sachets. In total we've received about 450 boxes and as of today we have so far given 300 boxes away.

Today I had the joy of delivering 20 boxes of the sachets to False Bay Primary in Macassar, and they were delighted. It means that they, along with Macassar Primary, Marvin Park Primary and Firgrove Primary can target the hungriest kids and make sure they've had something to eat before lessons start each day. Now that is a huge blessing!

As well as blessing each of those schools with 50 boxes each, The Gathering has also blessed the Somerset West Family Shelter and Thomas House of Hope with 50 boxes each. Both of these organisations work with the local homeless community. We've also blessed Imibala, another local NPO with 30 boxes which they have been busy sharing with their partner projects in the area.

It's such a joy and a blessing to be able to share the blessings with others who we know in turn will share what they have, after all, we're not in competition with each other, rather, we're all just trying to make sure that the neediest are served as best as we can serve them.


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